Transistor Podcast Hosting Review (2022) Still The Best?

This is my detailed review for transistor podcast hosting. If you are looking for a podcast hosting and want to know that if transistor podcast hosting is good fit for you or not, then you are at the right place. Here we’ve created a detailed transistor podcast review. is one of the leading podcast hosting companies out there which offers feature-rich podcast hosting and allows to host unlimited episodes of your podcast.

In this Review and walk-through, I am going to explain all the important details about podcast hosting pricing and plans, features, Pros and Cons and all the other things that you should know before buying it. We will also take a closer look at the Transistor podcast dashboard, interface, setup, and more.

So, Let’s get started with our Transistor review:

Transistor podcast Review : The Benefits of Transistor podcast hosting

Transistor hosting has some remarkable features that makes them one of the top podcast hosting, here are some features of transistor podcast hosting:

A podcast-ready RSS feed

Transistor hosting offers a RSS Feed for your podcast episodes, So that you can easily distribute your podcast shows to other directories like Apple podcast or spotify,

The RSS feed contains all the details and information about your podcast and its episodes. and then automatically sends the information to podcast directories, like Spotify, every time when a podcast episode is published.

Unlimited storage and bandwidth for your audio files

Transistor podcast hosting comes with Unlimited Bandwidth for your podcasts and storage for your audio files, you don’t have to worry about the storage as you can host unlimited podcast episodes and your will also get unlimited bandwidth as well.

With, There is no limitation or cap on your podcast publishing, you can publish unlimited episodes with transistor podcast hosting with it’s unlimited storage.

Global CDN to host audio files

Transistor podcast comes with a high speed global CDN (Content Delivery Network) which you can use to host your podcasts in multiple locations and Serve it to the user from the nearest location, So your listeners will get faster speeds and better experience and your audio files will be served faster than the other normal hosts.

Customizable podcast website

If you don’t have a website, or you don’t want to create a separate website for your podcasts, then there is no worries, transistor podcast hosting offers a high-quality, great-looking and customizable website for all your podcast shows and it comes with all the transistor podcast hosting plans.

Transistor Podcast hosting comes with a separate website for your podcasts which is multi device and mobile friendly and optimized for every device, whether it is laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile. It works with every device.

The other great thing is that all the websites are customizable, You can customize the layout, look and feel of your website according to your brand, so it will look like your brand and match with your style.

In-depth analytics

You will get in-depth an detailed analytics for your podcast episodes. You can easily check your average downloads per episode, popular podcast apps, number of subscribers, trend etc. As the transistor podcast dashboard shows you all the data related to your podcasts.

To get all the analytics, you just have to go to Transistor’s “Analytics” page, and there you will get all the detailed and in-depth stats like:

1) Total number of subscribers of your podcast: In the analytics section, you can check the number of how many people have subscribed to your podcasts. Usually, It is not easy to measure Number of Subscribers because the podcasting is built on the top of the RSS feed ( Which is an open source platform and it don’t allow you to track individuals).

Transistor podcast analytics feature allows you check an estimate as well. It is based on the average of the first 24 hours of downloads of your last three episodes to calculate an estimated number of subscribers. The graph is an estimated count over time.

2) Average downloads per episode: You can get details of the average how many times your podcast is downloaded by your visitors. This data will show you the performance of your podcast episodes after 7, 30, 60, and 90 days of being published. Potential advertisers often wants to see these statistics, So this stats will also help you in these cases.

3) Listener trends: you can also check your download history over the time. This feature allows you to check the number of listens by year, month, day, or in the last 24 hours.

4) Episode Breakdown: You will get a detailed breakdown of every podcast episode in detailed view that you have published like this:

5) App Details : You will also get the App details about which application is used by the listeners for your podcasts.

6) Location details: And here you will get the details about from where your listeners are listening to your podcasts in the world, you will get a country wise breakdown:

You can also export this metrics as a CSV file, And you can view it later with the Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers.

Easily Embed Podcast player Anywhere

Transistor podcast hosting comes with the transistor podcast player, It is a great-looking and feature packed player, which have 3 different layouts.

You can embed your player in three different ways like this:

1. A Multi Episode Player: Which can show multiple episodes at single time and users can see the list of all the podcast episodes.

2. The latest Episode Player: you can use this layout if you want to show the latest episode to the listeners. This Player doesn’t comes with the list of other podcast episodes.

3. The Single Player: This player can play a selected single episode, So you can select a single episode to be played and you can choose this layout to show a selected episode to your listeners.

The Player has multiple layouts for everyone. In every layout, the player comes with some useful buttons like, share button, Subscribe button so your listeners can easily subscribe to your podcast directly from it and can share it with others.

You can also add a link to your website on the player.

Share your Podcast to different platforms

You can easily distribute your podcasts on different platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts using Transistor Podcast hosting.

Transistor makes it easy to distribute your podcast to other platforms and get detailed insights about on which platform your podcast is more popular, or on which platform you have how many listeners ( In percentage).

Transistor podcast has integration feature with other popular email marketing tools that means you can build and grow your email list fast.

It can be integrated with popular tools like Mailchimp, Convertkit and Drip So you can capture emails and grow your email lists. You can turn your podcast listeners to your subscribers easily.

Live Customer Support

Customer support is the thing that i always prioritize when i’m reviewing a product, Transistor podcast comes with great customer support and the reply fast and solves your issues quickly.

Live customer support is a feature that comes with every plan of transistor podcast hosting.

Transistor Podcast Pricing and Plans

Transistor offers budget friendly pricing with top features, you can start your podcast journey with 19$ per month. Here is the pricing and plan details of hosting :

Transistor podcast has three affordable pricing and plans which starts from 19$ per month, The main difference between each plan is the download limit with which increases with the higher plan:

For 19$ per month – 10,000 Downloads

For 49$ per month plan – 50,000 Downloads

For 99$ per month plan – 150,000 Downloads

The pricing is a bit higher as compared to other hosts but you will get unique features like global CDN and private podcasting feature that comes with the business plan,

There is a catch,If you want to remove the transistor branding on the player then you can do it only with the business plan. You can’t remove branding with other plans.

And they doesn’t offer the advanced private podcast features with the starter plan,

So you have to purchase the professional or business plan to use the private podcasting feature.

Transistor Podcasting doesn’t offer a money back guarantee, but they offer a 14 Days Free trial, so you can try and test the transistor podcast hosting and if you like it then you can subscribe to the paid plan after the trial ends.

Here is the discounted link for your purchase, you can get 14 days free trial of by clicking the below button :

Final Thoughts on Transistor Podcast Hosting review

So, Should you go with Transistor podcast hosting?

Yes, transistor podcast has many remarkable features and they have same unique features like Global CDN for your files, private podcasting and it comes with a mobile friendly and customizable website for your podcasts.

Transistor hosting has every features that you need to start your podcasting journey and they also have a good customer support as well.

You can also try their hosting and features for 14 days with their two weeks free trial.

So, If you like this article about transistor podcast review, then please don’t forget to share it with your friends! If you have any question about transistor podcast hosting review then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

You can get your free trial by clicking the below button:

19 USD







User friendly





  • In-depth analytics
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Global CDN for your audio files
  • Integrates with MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Drip.
  • Embeddable Podcast player


  • Can remove branding from the player only in business plan

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