Tailwind’s Ghostwriter Blog Creation Wizard: Quick Review!

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Tailwind is a popular social media scheduling tool with great features and an easy-to-use interface. Tailwind has introduced a new feature, the Tailwind Ghostwriter blog creation wizard. This is an excellent feature for bloggers and content creators as it makes it very easy to create great content in very less time and helps you overcome writer’s block.

Tailwind’s Ghostwriter is a powerful AI tool that easily turns a creates content in minutes.

In this article, we will discuss Tailwind’s Ghostwriter blog creation wizard and how you can use it to generate great content in minutes. So without any further delay let’s get started.

What is Tailwind’s Ghostwriter – Blog creation Wizard

Tailwind’s Ghostwriter wizard is an Artificial intelligence-based content creation tool, it can create content on any idea or topic in a few minutes. You just have to input the topic or idea of the blog post you want to create content, and it will create a complete blog post in very less time.

To create content with Tailwind’s Ghostwriter, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Enter an idea for the blog post

The Ghostwriter tool will generate up to 5 titles for a blog post

Just select a title and it will create an outline of the blog post.

Edit the outline as per your need and continue

It will create content in about a few minutes based on your idea and outline, Here i have created an article on “How to increase Instagram followers”, you can see in the screenshot.

Here you can see Ghostwriter Wizard has created an article based on the inputs.

Features of Tailwind’s Ghostwriter Blog Creation Wizard

Here are some features of Tailwind’s Ghostwriter tool:

Powerful AI content tools

Tailwind’s Ghostwriter comes with powerful AI content tools that you can use to create any type of content. You can create blog posts, Facebook posts, blog headlines and outline, and posts for LinkedIn, or Twitter, etc. It also proofreads an already-written blog post.

Easy To Use

Tailwind’s Ghostwriter tool comes with easy to use interface and you can create content easily with it even if you are a non-techy person.


Another great feature of the Tailwind’s Ghostwriter tool is the Copilot, If you are a marketer then this feature will be very useful for you, it provides marketing suggestions. When you create a blog post it automatically suggests content ideas that help you create great marketing content for your campaign.

Create Emails Easily

You can also use the Ghostwriter feature to write professional emails in just a few clicks. The Ghostwriter’s AI can generate subject and body content for your email with tested copy frameworks like AIDA, BAB, PPPP, and more. You just need to click the Ghostwriter button on the top of your email editor to get started.

Saves Time

You can create blog posts on any topic in just a few minutes! and it saves a lot of time as it can create content that takes hours in minutes. You just have to enter your idea or topic on which you want to create a blog post and it will create a blog post in very less time.

Tailwind’s Ghostwriter Blog Creation Tool: Pricing and Plans

Tailwind’s Ghostwriter comes with affordable pricing and plans, it works on credit-based pricing so you will be allotted credits according to your plan and you can use credits to create content with the tool.

Tailwind offers three pricing options and a free forever account that comes with 10 free Ghostwriter credits per month. so, if you want to try the Ghostwriter tool before purchasing it then you can try with the free forever plan, and then you can upgrade to the paid plan.

Here are the details of Tailwind’s Ghostwriter-paid plans:

1. Pro Plan: This plan is priced at $12.99 per month and you will get 50 Ghostwriter credits each month.

2. Advanced Plan: Advanced plan comes with 250 Ghostwriter credits per month and will cost you $19.99 per month.

3. Max Plan: This plan comes with 500 Ghostwriter credits each month and will cost you $39.99 per month.

You can choose any plan according to your needs and you will be charged based on credits. When you generate an AI article with Tailwind’s Ghostwriter then you will be charged 1 credit for each step. So you will be charged around 3 credits for each blog post you generate with the tailwind Ghostwriter wizard.

But if you re-generate any article then you will be charged additional credits. So roughly, you can generate 3 blog posts with the Free Forever plan, 16 blog posts with the Pro Plan, 83 blog posts with the Advanced plan, and 166 blog posts with the Max Plan.

If you are a blogger and content creator then I will suggest you go with the advanced plan as it comes with all the features you need and you can generate up to 83 blog posts each month.

Final Thoughts!

Tailwind’s Ghostwriter wizard is a great tool for content creators and marketers, it’s feature-rich and easy to use. And you can create content that takes hours of time in just a few minutes.

Overall it’s a great tool and you should definitely try it for your content creation.

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