How to start a Blog with GreenGeeks – Definitive Guide

Did you know that you can start a new blog from scratch with just few clicks? Yes, even if you don’t have any experience in web development, you can easily start a new blog from scratch using WordPress and GreenGeeks hosting.

All you need is the right topic and a good domain name with web hosting. In this guide, I have explained all the steps to start a profitable blog in a few clicks from scratch. After reading this guide you will be able to create your first profitable blog even if you are a non-techie person. so let’s begin.

1. Choose a Niche

The first thing you need is a topic or niche to start a blog, you can choose any niche that you are interested in and you love to write and share your views about it. But to make your blog profitable, also make sure that the topic you choose have good search volume and people want to read it.

2. Get Domain and Hosting

After choosing your niche, now you need a domain name and hosting to make your blog live online.

How to choose a great domain name?

You should choose a domain name that is related to your niche, easy to remember and short length. A great domain is always short and sweet that makes it easy for the visitors to remember it and it looks brandable.

If you are starting a personal blog, then you can also register your full name as domain name. Also avoid using hyphens or numbers in your domain name.

Here is a good news, You don’t have to buy a domain name separately as the web hosting we are using provides free domain name to all the customers.

Choosing a web hosting

A web hosting is an online space for your blog that makes it online. Choosing a right web hosting for your blog is not an easy task, as your blog totally depends on your web hosting, you should be careful about choosing a good hosting provider.

There are many web hosting companies in the market, but most of them have problems like slow loading speed, downtime and others. So always go with a reputed hosting company.

In this tutorial, I’m using GreenGeeks hosting, as it provides best services at low price, and it’s easy to use for beginners.

GreenGeeks is one of the leading hosting provider and it provides faster speed, high uptime and great customer support at affordable prices. GreenGeeks provides top notch services at just $9.95/ month with a free domain name.

But wait, currently they are running an introductory offer and you can get the $9.95/month plan at just $2.95/ month. So click the below button to get the free domain name and web hosting with huge discount:

3. Setting Up Blog

Here is step by step tutorial to setup your blog with GreenGeeks in few minutes:

Step one: Click on the above button and you will be redirected to GreenGeeks homepage:

Click on the Get started now button and now on the next page you will be asked for your domain name, Now enter your domain name and click on next button.

Step two: Now enter your information and make payment to continue:

Step three: After completing to payment you will see a dashboard like this:

This is a Quick Launch Tool by GreenGeeks to start your blog with just a few clicks. Click on the Start New Website option and continue.

Step four: Now you have to choose the CMS, WordPress is the best CMS for blogs so select WordPress and continue.

Step five: Now you need to pick a theme for your blog, the best thing about WordPress is you have thousands of themes to get a new look for your blog. Choose a theme according to your niche or that you like.

Step six: Congrats! now you have successfully created your new blog, Now you can start writing posts and can customize your blog’s look and feel.

Click on “Go To WP Dashboard” to go to WordPress and write your first article!

By using this method, you can easily start your blog in few minutes.

This was our easy guide to start a blog with GreenGeeks hosting. If you have any question or need help, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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