How to start a Blog in 2022 : The Definitive Guide

Welcome to BloggingSurfer, If you are going to start a new blog and looking for a complete guide on How to start a blog in 2022, then your search ends here! 

In this guide i will explain about how to start a blog in 2022 and make money from it step by step.

We will also discuss about setting up WordPress and your blog. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or don’t know about setting up WordPress, In this guide i have explained everything step by step so you can start your blog easily without any problem.

There will be 2 things that you need to start a blog with WordPress. 

1. Domain name

2. Web Hosting

So let’s discuss what are these things

1. Register A Domain Name

So, What is domain name? A domain name is simply a name of your blog, or you can call it your Blog name, like: It helps your visitors to remember the address of your blog and access it easily.

Domain names have different extensions, like .com .in .xyz etc. you can buy your favorite extension according to your choice.

Domain name is a name of a blog or website

These extensions are called TLD (Top Level Domain). There are two types of TLDs: 

1. Global TLD (gTLD): TLDs like .com .xyz .net .org are gTLD, you can choose Gtlds if you are targeting visitors Worldwide.

2.Country Code TLD (ccTLD) : TLDs like .in .uk .us are ccTLD. Where .in represents India and so on. You can select cctld if you want to target a specific country for your blog.

How to choose a perfect domain name for your blog

The first step is to choose a keyword or topic for your blog, and choose a domain name related to that topic or keyword. 

For example, if your website is related to Excel, then you can choose your domain as or etc. you have to choose a perfect keyword for your website and then select a domain name that matches the keyword and buy it. 

To make your blog more SEO friendly, make sure that the domain name you have chosen must include the keyword your website is related to.

Make sure it is easy to type, and easy to remember. Keep it short, don’t choose a long and complex domain name. 

You can buy Domain from popular registrars like Godaddy, Namecheap and Others.

But You don’t have to buy a domain now, because the web hosting we will use is going to offer you Free Domain.

Buying a domain separately will cost you more, so with bluehost, you can save the money you will spend on domains.

Enter your Domain name in the below search box to check if it is available:

If your Domain is available, then move to the next step:

2. Get Web Hosting

Hosting can be defined as a computer or server which is used to store all the data of your blog online, or, it is a location of your blog on the internet, an online storage where you can store all the data of your blog like: images, posts, and all other data that your website have. In other words, it is a computer which hosts your blog or your website.

So how to choose a best web hosting for your blog?

There are a few things that you should keep in mind while selecting a best web hosting for your blog.

1. Security

2. Reliability

3. Speed

4. Cost Effectiveness

5. Quality and customer Support

6. Ease of use


The Best Hosting for Beginners

Keeping all these things in mind, we will recommend you to purchase BlueHost as a beginner, as it is the best hosting available for beginners, they offer reasonable price and has better speeds many services like free SSL certificate and website backups. Bluehost is used by over 2 million customers worldwide. So let’s begin the process of buying hosting and setting up wordpress.

Step 1: Go to by using the coupon below, So you can get 66% Discount on your purchase:

Now on the homepage, Click on the ”Get Started” Button. 

Step 2: Select the plan according to your hosting needs and budget

You can choose plan according to your web hosting needs, if you want to host just one website then select the Basic plan, and If you want to host multiple websites then select the Plus or Choice Plus plan,

I will recommend you to go with the Plus plan, as you can host unlimited domains and have unlimited email accounts .

Select your desired plan and let’s move on to the next step,

Step 3: Now enter the domain that you want to register or your existing domain name.

enter your domain and continue

Step 4: Enter Account information

Enter your details and continue.

Step 5: Now select your billing cycle from options like 12 months, 24 months and 36 months.

Untick the other things like codegaurd, sitelock and domain privacy, these are additional things and you don’t need at the beginning, and leave all other things as it is.

3. Setting Up WordPress

Here is the Step by Step Process of Setting up WordPress:

Step 1: Choose a Password

Now you have to create a password for your account, click on create your password button and continue.

Now enter your password and save it for login in future, and then click on next button.

Step 2:  Now your wordpress is installed

Now your have successfully installed wordpress and your website is live.

Step 3:  The Final Step

Now Login to your WordPress with your Username and Password and delete all the sample pages.

4. Select a Theme

Now as you have done all the setup work, this is the time to give your blog a new look and design.

In this step we are going to install a theme and setup it for your blog to make it look great.

Login to your WordPress and open the theme section,

Click on Add New button and you will see all the popular themes there.

So, which theme you should use?

A good theme is SEO Friendly, Lightweight, Schema ready and Fast.

I will Recommend you to go with these themes as these are lightweight, SuperFast and SEO Friendly.

  1. GeneratePress (Free)
  2. Generatepress Premium (Paid)
  3. Ocean WP (Free)
  4. Astra (Free)
  5. Astra Pro (Paid)
  6. Genesis (Paid)
  7. Divi (Paid)

You can use any of these themes. All these themes are schema optimized and SuperFast. We are using Generatepress premium on this website,

To install a Theme, go to Appearance >> Themes and then click on add new

Just Select your theme and click on the Install Button.

Then Activate your theme by clicking on the Activate Button.

And you’re done! you have successfully setup your new WordPress Blog and now you can access your blog anytime by logging in to the WordPress dashboard.


WordPress is very easy to use so you can run your blog easily. 

So that’s it for my guide on How to start a blog in 2022,

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say, If you are having any problems or getting errors, you can ask your questions in the comments section below.

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