FuseBox Podcast Player Review: 7 Things they don’t Tell You!

This is my fusebox podcast player review after using it for a while. FuseBox Podcast Player is one of the popular plugins for podcasting with WordPress, It has been around since 2015 and very popular Podcast Player Plugin out there. FuseBox podcast player is very helpful for podcasters, as it helps them to integrate their podcasts with their WordPress website.

The other benefit of this plugin is that it helps podcasters easily convert the visitors of their website to podcast listeners. So when your website and traffic will grow, your podcast listeners also grow with them. In this FuseBox Podcast Player Review and Walkthrough, I have explained all the features, Pros and Cons, and all the details of the Fusebox Podcast player.

Earlier, the Fusebox player was known as Smart Podcast Player, and now it is rebranded as FuseBox.fm by Pat Flynn, His Founder. And the fusebox player has created new plans, and in the new plans (Monthly or yearly), The Transcript plugin comes with the Fusebox podcast player in a single plan.

UPDATE: The New Version of Smart Podcast Player aka Fusebox is Fusebox 2.0 plugin. The Fusebox 2.0 has many more features and a transcript plugin that can generate transcripts of your podcasts in less time and visitors can read the transcripts online or download them as a pdf file.

In this Fusebox podcast player review and walk-through, I will explain all the features, pros, cons, and information about the Fusebox player.

So let’s dive in..

FuseBox Podcast Player Review 2022: should you go with it?

Fusebox Podcast Player was Created by Pat Flynn, They are Podcasters And they use the same Plugin to do Podcasts on their blog, Askpat, and Smart Passive Income.


It was created as Smart Podcast Player but Now it is Rebranded as Fusebox Podcast Player.

FuseBox.fm has many exciting features like a mobile-friendly player, It allows you to publish and display your podcast episodes and other files on your WordPress site and you can create an email list with their in-built list-building tool as well.

It is easily accessible between multiple devices with different screen sizes, and it is a responsive and mobile-friendly player. It also has a feature to toggle between new and old episodes and to download and share your episodes easily, so the users can easily play, download and share and search for their favorite podcast episodes.

The FPP Player comes with a built-in email capture tool, So, it will help you to grow your email lists easily.

This is what FPP Dashboard looks like:

Features of FuseBox Podcast Player

The FuseBox has Many remarkable and useful features, Pat Flynn has created this feature-rich podcasting plugin by adding all of his favorite features, it is easier to use, simple, and different from other popular plugins. So here are some features of FPP Player in this fusebox podcast player review.

FuseBox Player features

Here are some interesting features of the FuseBox Podcast Plugin :

1 Customization Features

Coming to the features, the Fusebox Smart Podcast Player has Custom color options so that you can easily Customize and change its colors to match your style and your blog or website’s design.

The plugin allows easy customization and themes to match any Website’s branding and design, or you can also choose a color theme that matches your website’s design.

The FuseBox Player has different modes as well, It comes with Both light and dark modes, So you can select your favorite color themes (dark or light) for the Podcast Player.

2 Email Capture / List Building Tool

FuseBox Podcast Player allows you to easily build your email list as it comes with a built-in Email Collection tool and Popup forms.

You can easily embed a signup form in your podcast player, as the email capture tool is connected with the podcast player, The visitors and listeners will see a Popup and signup button, and they can subscribe with email directly by clicking on the subscribe button.

This email list Building tool will help you to get more subscribers and leads, it can be integrated with popular email marketing tools, and you can integrate the fusebox player with popular tools like Mailchimp, Convertkit, and others easily. So you can easily manage email lists with the help of these tools.

3 Downloading Feature

The Fusebox player comes with a Download feature and your visitors and listeners can download podcast episodes with just one click of the download button.

Your listeners will get a Download button and they can download tracks straight from the Player. If you don’t want the download button to appear on the player, then you can also turn it off, and then it will not appear on the podcast player.

4 Sharing and Subscription features

The Fusebox podcast player comes with customizable share buttons, The share buttons will appear on the FPP Track player which makes the sharing of your podcast episodes easy for your visitors by just clicking on the share buttons. As the buttons are customizable, you can also Change the appearance of the share buttons.

You can also connect the FPP Player with other apps and subscription links like Soundcloud, iTunes, buzzsprout, etc, as it comes with a subscription feature that makes it easy to do the same.

So if you want to publish your podcasts on other platforms then this is a very useful feature for you.

You just have to add subscription URLs of other apps like Buzzsprout, and SoundCloud and your visitors can subscribe to other apps directly from the Podcast Player.

5 Multiple Billing options

The FPP Player comes with multiple billing options, you can choose between monthly and yearly billing plans, if you are not sure about using it for a year then you can go with monthly payment options but its price is higher than yearly billing. you will save more with the yearly billing option.

You can select any billing option according to your choice.

6 Custom Sort and Speed control feature

The Fusebox player comes with a custom sorting and speed control feature. You can sort all the episodes in a custom order by using the custom sort feature of the FPP Player. You can change the options as shown in the screenshot below:

You can choose how your podcast episodes should appear and which should appear on the top, you can also create a list of your favorite episodes and make it available for the listeners.

The Fusebox Player also has custom speed options, so you can adjust the listening speed according to your choice, slow or Faster. The multiple speed options will also help your visitors to adjust the podcast player speed as well.

7 Compatible with Podcast Hosting

Fusebox is compatible with many popular podcast hosts. it can easily be integrated with any podcast hosting, To connect the fusebox player with the podcast host, you need to connect it with your podcast feed, You can ask your podcast hosting company to get your podcast feed.

If currently you are not using any hosting for your podcast and looking to buy one, then you can go with blubrry, they are a great podcast host and also offers the first month free if you use our coupon code: WPCLUES.

8 Professional Customer Support

Whenever i review a product, customer support is the first thing that i prioritize. I did the same in this fusebox podcast player review also.

Customer support should be fast and helpful for every product, if you are a non-techie person then support can be helpful if you have any technical problems in setup.

FuseBox Player has a dedicated team for customer support, you can contact their support Monday to Friday, and they will provide you detailed documentation which all the details and instructions to use it.

You will get email-based support From FuseBox Podcast Player Team, their support is very fast and good, you can contact them by email at help@fusebox.fm, and you can reach their support from Monday to Friday by email.

9. Fusebox Transcript Plugin

FuseBox Podcast Player comes with a powerful transcript plugin, so your visitors will get meaningful transcripts generated easily.

fusebox podcast player review

It helps you boost engagement and SEO for your show notes. It helps your visitors quickly scan your episodes, they can download your transcripts in pdf format with one click.

The transcript plugin also has a new tab popout feature, so they don’t leave your website and get transcripts in a new Popout tab.

The FuseBox’s Transcript viewer has three different sections, the first one is the transcript viewer, which shows the speaker’s name and the transcript of what they said.

The second one is the download section, where anyone can download the complete transcript of the podcast episode in the PDF File Format, and the third section is the new Tab option, you can view the text transcript in the new tab separately by clicking on this button.

The Fusebox Transcript text is a live text on your website. It means that it will be indexed by search engines and will improve your website ranking as well. So, FuseBox Plugin not only provides the text format of your podcast to your visitors, it also improves your search engine rankings..

Here are some of the other benefits of using this plugin:

Smart Track Player

Fusebox podcast player with a smart track player, it is a custom track player that can play a single track and is named as smart track player because of its smart features. This player lets you highlight specific single episodes of your podcast anywhere on your website by just using the shortcode. You can embed this player anywhere on your website with shortcodes.

Interactive full Player

The FPP Plugin offers a fully customizable interactive podcast player, You can customize the design and look of your player like the way you want. It comes with a lot of features that you can use to customize the look of your podcast player.

FuseBox Podcast Player Pricing Review

Fusebox Player comes with monthly and yearly plans with affordable pricing, it starts with $15.83 per month if you choose yearly plan but if monthly plan pricing is slightly higher.

You will get their Transcript Plugin which is recently launched Free with the Podcast Player plugin. You can also choose their free plan to test it.

They have Annual and monthly subscription Plans, starting from 19$ per month,

If you choose the monthly plan then it starts from 19$ per month and will cost you 228$ per year, and

If you choose yearly plan then it will be $15.83 per month and will cost you 189.97$ per year, So i will recommend you to go with Annual Subscription as you will 33% off with Annual Plan and you will save 38$ with it.

PlanPricingGet Now

You can also use their Free trial to test the tool before buying it.

Get FuseBox Podcast Player ( 33% OFF)

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the FPP Player after purchasing it, then you can apply for a full refund within 60 days of your purchase.

You can easily test and analyze the plugin in 60 days, and if you don’t like it, then you can ask for a complete refund for your purchase. It is like a 60 days trial and you can test and analyze it in the 60 days. You will have 60 days to get your refund. I have already explained my experience with this plugin in this detailed fusebox podcast player review.

Multiple Platform Supported

The new version of Fusebox Player known as Fusebox 2.0 is compatible with multiple CMS platforms. It could be used only on wordpress, but now the Fusebox 2.0 plugin supports all major platforms like squarespace, wix, teachable and webflow. You can also use it on any HTML website.

It was earlier a WordPress plugin but now it is an embeddable player that you can use on any website and CMS. It doesn’t matter which LMS you are using, you can just simply embed it on any type of website.

Cons of FuseBox Podcast Player

FPP Player is an amazing plugin and has many interesting features but there are some cons that should know before buying it:

1. No Live chat Support system

FPP Player has only email-based support, they don’t offer support via live chat or ticketing system, but their email support is very fast and good so you don’t have to wait long to resolve your issues.

FAQs on Fusebox Podcast Player

You must have some questions in your mind about the fpp player, here are some frequently asked questions about Fusebox podcast player review that comes in mind of most of the buyers before purchasing it.

Q1. Is Smart Podcast Player and Fusebox Podcast Player same?

Yes, Both are same. Smart Podcast Player is rebranded as Fusebox Podcast Player.

Q2. Is Fusebox Podcast Player comes with a Free Plan?

Fusebox Podcast Player is a premium plugin, but it also comes with a free version that you can download from it’s website.

Q3. Does smart podcast player offers a money back guarantee?

Yes, smart podcast player comes with a 60 days money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the service then you can take a full refund before 60 days.

Q4. What Payment options are accepted by fusebox player?

Fusebox podcast player accepts credit cards and paypal. You can use any payment option according to your preference and get the purchase completed.

Q5. Does it offers a free trial?

No. smart podcast player doesn’t offers any free trial. However, it comes with a 60 days money back guarantee, so if you don’t like it then you can take full refund.

Q6. Does the Smart Podcast Player work with Platforms other than WordPress?

Yes, there are numerous Website platforms that you can integrate with smart podcast player other than wordpress. Here are some of them:

  • SquareSpace
  • Wix
  • Webflow
  • Weebly
  • Teachable
  • Custom HTML

Q7. Does Smart Fusebox podcast player works on unlimited websites?

No, One subscription works only on one website, so you have to purchase a different subscription for other websites.

Q8. Is smart podcast player reliable?

Yes, smart podcast player is reliable and one of the best and trusted plugins for WordPress for podcasters. It is developed by real podcasters.

Q9. How can i save or get a discount on smart podcast player?

Fusebox player doesn’t offer any coupon codes but you can get a discount by purchasing the annual plan, as it offers a 33% discount on annual plan if you choose to pay annually.

Q10. Can i capture emails of my visitors?

Yes, you can capture emails of your visitors as it comes with a built in email capture tool so you can easily get more leads.

Final Thoughts on Fusebox Podcast Player Review

This was my fusebox podcast player review for 2022.

The Fusebox podcast player is an amazing product that has all the remarkable features for Podcasters.

There are many plugins available for Podcasts on WordPress, but FuseBox plugin is better than many of them, it’s a Feature-rich, user friendly plugin with a lot of customization features.

The FuseBox Player is the only plugin that has built-in email capturing feature and let’s you capture emails of visitors and easily grow your audience.

You can customise it according to your website theme and match it with your brand.

So is it recommended?

Yes definitely, you can use FuseBox Player and it has all the features to take your podcasting efforts to the next level.

You can use the coupon below and get 33% Discount on FuseBox Player.

I have already explained all the features, pros and cons of this plugin in this fusebox podcast player review, but if you have any questions or suggestions, then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

FuseBox Podcast Player Review

By Jai Sethi

User Friendly

Fusebox Podcast Player Review Summary

The Fusebox Podcast Player is a feature-rich Plugin with affordable pricing and comes with a lot of Features and customization options. It is better than many other plugins available in the market.


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