Flywheel Growth Suite’s Client Reporting feature: Best for Agencies? [Explained!]

Flywheel is a leading hosting provider and they provide managed hosting services, One of their most popular plan is Growth Suite. Flywheel’s growth suite is an all in one solution for agencies and businesses.

It provides all the tools you need to grow your agency or business. Flywheel’s Growth Suite comes with a lot of features and Client Reporting is one of them.

If you are running an agency, you will definitely know how important client reporting is in an agency business. You need to communicate your achievements and success with clients. You can communicate all the information manually by phone calls, emails, meetings or you can just create a detailed client report and send it to them, that includes all the necessary information in it.

If you currently don’t have a reporting process, then Growth Suite’s Client reporting feature is great to start with. It saves a lot of time and helps you build better relationship with clients. Growth suite automatically creates informative client reports in minutes.

In this article i will explain how the client reporting feature is beneficial for growing businesses and agencies.

So without a further delay, let’s get started..

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Time Saving

Growth suite generates informative and detailed client reports in very less time. It saves a lot of time as compared to manually creating a client report that can take hours of work. Client reporting is necessary and crucial, but it takes almost 25% of time of the agency owners and freelancers.

With Growth Suite’s client reporting feature, you can save hours and utilize that time in other important tasks. It generates beatiful and branded client reports in minutes. You can automate your reports layout and information you want in it, Once you have set it, it will work automatically.

Build and Enhance Client Relationships

Providing better and informative client reports helps you build and enhance client relationships. One thing that makes your clients happy is transparency. What you do and achieves does not help until you communicate it with clients.

Communicating your work in a better way and providing detailed client reports helps in building trust and strengthen relationships and makes long lasting business. Creating and sending regular reports of your work to your clients can make them feel less worried about the work.

Showcasing your Completed Work

Showing your client how you take care of all the small details and completed work comes with keeping all the little things in mind can build trust and highlights how valuable you are. You can’t record all the little tasks done for the client and in that situation, The Growth Suite helps a lot.

It automatically records all the little tasks and work you’ve done like updating a plugin or creating a backup, And adds them in the detailed client report.

You can add all details of every small or big task you’ve done and you can integrate Google analytics data, security updates and important information in your regular reports and schedule them.

Track Your Progress

Growth Suite’s Client report includes all the important metrics and it can help you to track your progress and achievements. If you create reports regularly then you will have a record of your work and your progress.

You can compare your previous work and current with reports and analyze them. You can measure your progress and analyze how much efforts you need to achieve your goals.

Know What’s Working

By analyzing detailed client reports your clients can get all the insights about the project and they can find areas to improve. They can find what things are working great and what needs to be changed.

The client reporting comes with google analytics and other informative data, that can be used to find KPIs and shows you where improvements are being made. It will surely help to achieve your and clients goals faster.

Final Thoughts

Flywheel’s growth suite is an all in one solution for growing agencies and businesses. The Client reporting feature is definitely a great solution to save a lot of time and build better client relationships. It’s a great package for agencies.

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