Captivate Podcast Review: Still Best in 2022?

This is my review for Captivate Podcast Hosting. Captivate podcast hosting is one of the popular and affordable podcast hosting companies, Captivate is not a new hosting company, it is quite old in the industry as it was launched in 2003, growing very fast and providing Better services at Affordable prices.

If you have decided to go with captivate podcast hosting and you looking for:

Captivate Podcast hosting review,

Then you are at the right place. In this detailed captivate podcast hosting review, I am going to explain everything (Features, Pros, Cons) you need to know before buying the Captivate Podcast Hosting.

Choosing a good podcast host is a not an easy task, as your host should be reliable and should offer necessary features. To make this easy to decide whether it is good fit for you or not, we’ve created this detailed captivate review. So you can get all the information about features, Pros and Cons, pricing and plans, stats, website, audio player, and more…

There are many podcast hosts are available in the market. So, is Captivate good fit for you ? let’s find the answer of this question with our detailed review.

So let’s dive in..

Captivate Podcast Review 2022: Top Features of

Here are some interesting features and benefits of using Captivate hosting for your podcasts :

You Can Easily Embed It Anywhere And Everywhere

Captivate hosting comes with the Captivate podcast player, that will make it easy for you to embed your podcasts anywhere and everywhere on your site. It very simple and easy to use player, by using that you can easily embed your podcasts anywhere like, your website, even on external sites and social media profiles.

Additionally, the Player has a single episode player, by using it you can embed specific episodes anywhere or use a player that always shows your latest podcast episode.

Captivate Sync Plugin for WordPress

Captivate hosting comes with their exclusive WordPress plugin Called ‘Captivate sync’ that allows you to connect your Podcast with your WordPress Website.

The Captivate Sync Plugin makes it easy for you to connect your podcasts with your WordPress website and it also make all your podcasts to be synchronized instantly to your website automatically.

The sync plugin allows you to publish episodes directly from your wordpress dashboard, and automatically publishes episodes on your wordpress website, Also it will sync all your published episodes to your captivate dashboard.

Captivate Sites

If you want to publish your episodes and you don’t have a website, then there is no problem. Captivate offers a great looking and responsive website with every podcast. The captivate sites have all the necessary features that you need to publish your episodes and manage them.

The Captivate sites have three fully responsive website templates, so you can choose your favorite template from them. You can customize the order of the episodes, you choose to display most recent or oldest episodes first. You can Pin an episode to the top of the page as well.

The most interesting feature of the captivate sites is that it have built-in email opt-in forms, that will help you to capture emails directly from your podcast website and build and grow your email lists easily. You can integrate popular email marketing tools like Aweber as well.

The website also have a search bar on the top, so your listener’s can easily search their favorite episodes. They have a feature of connecting your website with Google Analytics or facebook pixels. And you can do all of these tasks without having a separate website for your podcasts.

Email list building with Lead magnet, Calls To Action Built-In

Captivate podcast has a Call to action feature, that will allow you to link directly to your store from the player.

The Captivate Sites now supports built-in opt-in forms, that allows you to add a lead magnet as well. you can use AWeber to insert an HTML snippet from your selected email provider. You can choose to upload an image with your email form and captivate will make it’s layout look great automatically.

You can use their call to action feature and Built – in Email capture tool, to collect emails and grow your email list easily.

Captivate podcast Includes links to all of the major podcast directories with your podcast episode automatically that will help your listeners to subscribe to the popular directories.

Customizability and Multi Device Friendly player comes with many customization features, it can automatically configure the design based on your podcast cover art and can make it match with your brand.

You can also makes changes to it’s design and customize it according to your brand as it is highly customizable and easy to use.

Captivate podcast can work with every device. It is multi device friendly and responsive, it can work perfectly on every device whether it is, mobile, tablet or desktop. It has specifically crafted the layout for each device.

Free Migration of your podcast to Captivate hosting

If you are using another podcast hosting for your podcast and not happy with it and want to move to captivate hosting, then you can do it easily as Captivate offers free migration to their platform. They will move your podcast for free from other host to their platform.

You just have to contact the support team and their team will move your podcast for free to

Captivate comes with an import tool, so that you can import all your episodes from other podcasts hosts.

Simple and User friendly

Captivate comes with a very easy to use and simple, clean interface.

Captivate has been planned out from the beginning by podcasters, they have planned and added all the features that you need keeping podcasting problems in mind and to make it more user friendly.

It is tested by real podcasters and made easy for you, so their is no more frustration with your podcast interface.

Designed with all the useful features and easy to use interface, so you can focus on audience growth & the expansion of your audio influence from the day one.

Industry leading customer support

Customer support is very important factor that you should consider while buying any product. Captivate podcast hosting offers 24/7 customer support with their every plan. They’re known for the personal, timely support that they brought to the podcast industry with their Podcast Websites in 2014.

All Captivate plans comes with 24/7 support during the week and dedicated weekend hours, their support is quite fast and you can get your problem solved quickly. Plans and Pricing

Captivate podcast hosting comes with budget friendly prices and feature-packed plans, you will get all of their features with every plan. They don’t limit features, they just limit the downloads with every plan.

Here is the Pricing and plans of captivate podcast hosting, You can host unlimited podcasts and you will get all featues with every plan.

Captivate podcast Hosting plans start at $19/month for 12,000 downloads per month.

They have three plans that are as following:

$19/month – 12,000 downloads.

$49/month – 60,000 downloads.

$99/month – 150,000 downloads.

Every Captivate Plan Comes with 7 days free trial, with all the features, so you can test it as it is best for you or not by using it for 7 days.

FAQs About Captivate Podcast Review

1. Can i use Captivate with WordPress website?

Yes, you can use captivate with WordPress, it comes with sync plugin that automatically synchronizes the episodes to your WordPress website. You can also publish your podcast episodes directly from the WordPress Dashboard.

2. Does it Offers Free Trial?

Yes, it offers free trial with every plan. You can get 7 days free trial with al features by clicking here.

3. Is it necessary to have a website to host with captivate?

No, it is not necessary, they includes a separate site with every podcast that you publish, their site is mobile responsive and user friendly. And also comes with many features like built-in email capture tool, lead magnets etc.

4. What is captivate’s billing cycle?

Captivate has monthly and yearly billing cycle, you can choose any cycle according to your choice.

5. Which is the best plan of captivate podcast hosting?

Captivate hosting comes with 3 different plans , you can choose any plan according to your choice,
Since all the plans comes with same features, their is only the difference of the maximum number of downloads in every plan.
You can choose any plan according to the number of downloads you need.


So, should you go with Captivate Podcast hosting? definitely Yes,

Captivate is a popular podcast host with budget friendly pricing and great customer support, You will get all the features in every plan and a feature-packed podcast player with a sync plugin for WordPress.

Captivate has everything that publishers need to start, as they have built-in email marketing tools, friendly customer support, separate website with customization features and tools and offering unlimited podcasts publishing automatically sync with your website.

You can try the Captivate podcast hosting free for 7 days, As they offer a 7 days free trial, you can upgrade to paid plan if you like their service. Click Here to get your free 7 days trial.

So this was our captivate podcast review for podcast hosting.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask by leaving a comment in the comments section below.


19 USD












  • Free Migration of your podcast to Captivate
  • Calls To Action, Built-In
  • Captivate Sync Plugin
  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Industry leading customer support

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