Best (Hand-Picked) Security Plugins for WordPress 2022

When you’re thriving for success, millions of eyes are watching you, and some of them are quite a devil. Hackers and sometimes your competitors may want to take over your site and do whatever they want. Your posts, comments, contents, nothing is safe before these prying eyes.

And once your website is hacked, google will start de-indexing your site and will give a “Deceptive Site Ahead” warning to the visitors.

This also Happened with one of my website, in 2020, one of my niche site also got hacked, when i’m opening my website, it is redirecting to another different language website. I can’t login to my wordpress dashboard, then i opened CPanel and removed some malicious scripts i found from the server, I recovered my site completely, but i lost google rankings and google started showing “not secure” warning to my visitors.

To prevent your site from being hacked, you can do several things like:

  1. Not Installing any Themes / Plugins downloaded from unofficial sources, install only the premium or official version of the themes and plugins.
  2. Regularly Update your themes and plugins that you have installed
  3. Use Security Plugins to secure your site from hackers
  4. Change your Login URL etc.

So, WordPress security is very important nowadays and you should take your site security seriously. WordPress security plugins can give you the solution to all of these problems.

Best WordPress Security Plugins

As a webmaster you probably be scared about the security of your site. This article will help you to choose the right plugin for your WordPress website. Here we have mentioned Some Best security Plugins for WordPress, that will help you to keep your site secure.

iThemes Security

If you need a powerful, easy and effective security plugin, then look no further than iThemes Security. Regardless of the user’s knowledge and experience, this plugin works great for all. Novice as well as expert both can enjoy its amazing plugin evenly. The installation process is too easy, and other options are quite useful.

Right in the dashboard, check the security health and decide what to do. A checklist will help you by describing threats as low and high. Make sure you choose the best option based on the priority it shows.

Wordfence Security

WordFence is very popular plugin when it comes to WordPress Security. One million active installs will tell you that this plugin is worth it to try for your website protection. It provides free guard during all possible attacks you may face. Also, it has two-factor authentication check and other robust arrangements for making the site safe. You can scan your site as well to see if the site got infected.

This Plugin can block IPs automatically, It can also protect you from brute force attacks, invalid login attempts etc.

The dashboard and user interface of this plugin is very user friendly, when you install this plugin it asks for your email, so when there’s a new login or something wrong happens with your website, WordFence will inform you via email about it.

Overall it is a great plugin, for WordPress security and firewall.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri is one of the most popular security plugins for WordPress, it has very easy to use interface and you can easily setup it on your website. It’s a monitoring tool that observes your website and notices if anything harmful can attack your site. Expert developers and experienced admins can get the best utility from this plugin because it is made for them. It’s important to mention that this plugin requires a better understanding of WordPress codes and file system. Sucuri also lets you scan malware remotely, monitor blacklist and previous security measure.

Like WordFence, this plugin can block all the harmful attacks and notifies you via email about your site. You can give it a try by clicking on the below button.

All In One WP Security & Firewall

This is another popular security plugin designed especially for the people who have less technological knowledge. The easy setting of the plugin will set you the measure in your way. An incredible feature is creating a stronger password with a particular tool. Besides that, one can block an IP address if it tries too many failed login attempts.

No detrimental scripts can affect your site because of the firewall setting of the plugin. As you know about image hotlinking and fake bots can harm your site, the firewall will prevent any of the possible attacks.

Shield Security

It’s crucial for you to keep the site free from risk and hard to crack by a malicious attack. If you ever face any hacking incident, it will cause a big loss for you. As the hackers will steal your data and make changes in the contents, you’ll eventually get penalized by search engines. Sheild security is very easy to use, unlike other security plugins, it sends only the important notification via email, and others task it can do automatically.

This plugin comes with some good features like : Limit Login Attempts / Block Automatic Brute-Force Bots – all automatically, Powerful Core File Scanners – automatically detects malicious file changes and hacks you’d never see, Automatic IP Black List – no need for you to manage IPs!, 2-Factor Authentication – including Google Authenticator and Email, Block 100% Automated Comments SPAM, Audit Trail & User Activity Logging and reCAPTCHA system. Overall it is a good plugin to prevent harmful attacks on your website and keep it safe from hackers. Get Shield now and lock your site from finding by any probable attack.

Final Thoughts

So, this was our list of best security Plugins for WordPress, These plugins can secure your site from hackers and attackers and keep your site safe. You can use any of them, I will recommend the iThemes security and WordFence Plugin.

So, what do you think of this list? Which plugin you are going to use?

If you have any question then let me know in the comment section below.

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