[Updated] Best Keyword Research Tools (Free & Paid)

Keyword research is the first and very critical step of SEO and very important part for your blog’s success, and keyword research tools help in finding right keywords.

If Keyword research is Good and you have found low competition and highly profitable keywords, then you can rank easily and make your blog more profitable.

But if keyword research is not done in a right way then will not receive high traffic and SERP rankings.

Here, ”Highly Profitable Keywords” means keywords that has low competition and higher search volume with good CPC (Cost per click).

Finding right keywords will help you drive more traffic and make your blog success.

So the Question is, Which Tools should you use to find those Highly Profitable keywords?

In this article, i am going to tell you the 6 Best keyword research tools (Both, Free and Paid) that will help you find highly searched keywords with low competition.

So Let’s get started with our List…

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a great tool that has many features when it comes to Keyword research, Competitor analysis, SEM and SEO.

SEMrush is very helpful in finding highly searched and low competitive keywords and to check there difficulty level.

This is the tool that i use for my daily SEO Tasks.

It has mainly 5 tools for Keyword Research, the 1st one is Keyword Overview tool with that you can see the Organic search volume , CPC Distribution and Search Trend of that Keyword.

It also shows phrase match keywords and competition level of every keyword that you enter in the search bar.

The Next most popular feature is Keyword Magic tool,

With this amazing feature, you can see all the keyword metrics in the form of a table (Keyword search volume, trends, Keyword Difficulty, CPC and number of results).

The next feature is Keyword Difficulty tool, if you want to compare the difficulty of multiple keywords, then enter all the keywords in the box and it will show you comparison of the keyword difficulty of all keywords.

So you can find the Keyword with lowest KD and high search Volume.

You can get 14 Days Free Trial with the Below button: Get SEMRUSH Free Trial

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO Tools out there, and has multiple features like SEMrush.

Ahrefs shows details about Search Volume, CPC (Cost per click), Competition level and also how many Backlinks you need to rank in the top 10 Positions for that keyword.

You can get details about a keyword’s Traffic potential, and Details about the Ratio of clicks on Paid and Organic results.

Source : Ahrefs.com

You can get details about how many clicks the search results receive for a keyword, as many keywords has high search volume and but get very few clicks on the results because user’s answer is available on the search results so they don’t have to visit any website.

You can also save your favorite keywords in ahrefs dashboard as it has an option to make keyword lists. So that you don’t have to use other software for this.

3. KWFinder (FREE & Paid)

KWFinder is a very useful tool when it comes to keyword research, it is offered by Mangools. They have both Free and Premium Plan.

It is the Best Affordable Keyword tool with all the essential features as compared to other tools.

KWFinder helps you in finding highly profitable keywords and it shows all the important metrics you need like, Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume, CPC, PPC and Question based keyword research.

It also shows you the domains that are ranking in top positions for that keyword and their metrics like Domain Authority, Page Authority Estimated traffic and Social shares.

It is very helpful in finding Long-tail Keywords as it has Question based keyword research feature that shows you Long-tail informational and problem-solving keywords Like keywords that contains ”How to” and ”What is” in their queries. So you can write solution to that problem and get more traffic.

If you want to find the keywords that are trending right now or if you want to check the search volume trends of that keyword like if it’s trend is increasing or decreasing then this tool is best for you.

Google Trends shows you real-time search trends based on real-time searches.

You can also add filters to see keywords trending in a specific country or Niches.

It also shows you related terms and long tail searches to that keyword and you can also compare keyword trends to find out which keyword has increasing trend so that you can target the right keyword.

It is best tool if you have a News website or if you run a blog based on trending topics as it shows you all the real time searches with volume of trending keywords.

5. WMS Everywhere

WMS Everywhere is not a software, it is an chrome extension that allows you to research keywords directly on the google search page.

WMS Everywhere shows useful metrics like CPC, Volume, Related keywords and keyword difficulty also.

It is similar to the keywords everywhere extension but keywords everywhere is now a paid tool, so wms everywhere is the best alternative to it.

The best thing is that it shows data from the Google keyword planner tool, and all the metrics are shown on the SERP page.

You can change country in settings, if you want to research a keyword for a specific country.

6. SERPstat

SERPStat is not only a keyword research tool, it is a all-in-one growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC and Content Marketing.

It has very useful features for Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, Site SEO Audit and Competitor Research.

When it comes to keyword research, SERPStat has these amazing features:

SERPStat shows search suggestions (Keywords from Google suggest) and helps you finding long tail keywords. It also shows search questions, i.e. Keywords in form of questions, and ”How to” keywords which helps you find more blog topic ideas.

It shows Related keywords and LSI Keywords which you can include in your content to make it look more natural and avoid keyword stuffing in your article and you can optimize your content for multiple keywords.

It shows Keyword Difficulty Level and Keyword Intent Metrics, which shows you special elements (maps, shopping, answers, listings) are shown for your keyword in the Search Engine Results. This feature helps you understand the Search intent of your keywords, and it is very useful for Local SEO Also.

7. Ubersuggest

UberSuggest was a Free tool earlier but now it’s a paid tool, having a Pro version also, it is very popular tool having many features to help you in Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis and Site SEO Audits.

It shows you important keyword metrics but they are limited in free version, you have to purchase the Pro version to get full metrics and keyword ideas.

When it comes to Competitors research, UberSuggest shows you the amount of traffic a site is getting organically, Backlinks of a site, Technical SEO errors and domain score and Top Pages of that site for which it ranks for, So that you can know the Pages of that website which are getting high traffic and has low keyword difficulty.

When it comes to keyword research, Ubersuggest can show you the Search Volume, SEO Difficulty and Paid Difficulty of that Keyword and also how many clicks the sites are getting in the organic results.

You can also get New Keyword Ideas and Blog Post ideas with Ubersuggest.

Final Thoughts

Keyword Research plays an important role in your blog’s growth, If you target right keywords, then you can get high amount of traffic in very less time. In this post we’ve shared the list of best keyword research tools.

So this is the List for our Hand Picked Best Keyword Research Tools,

So what do you think of this list?

Which tool you find the most useful for your keyword research?

Let me Know in the Comment section Below.

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